Sub: How to submit my body to Mistress Isis? (updated August ’19)

First thing you must do is reading my contact rules. You’ll find the basic rules to address me in the first contact and the kinks I’m interested in.
I’m available to discuss other kinks and fetishes with my subs, to explore in sessions, if they’re accepted by me.

This first contact of introduction is mandatory, mostly to align the activities between us, and to let you know the meeting location and to get you informed about your tribute to me.

It is mandatory that you use the form in the contacts page to make the first contact. Even if you’ve bought my phone number at my store. You should always send me an email! I want to have a written record of your introduction as well as our discussions.

If you are accepted for a first session, you’ll be asked to pay half the tribute to book it.

The payment methods available are: Bank Transfer, MBway (MBway available if you have a Portuguese bank account, with variable taxes), ePayments app (variable fees). You will receive the details for the payment method you will use.

After the first half of your tribute is completed, I’ll send you the first kinky little homework I got just for you. This file includes your first online assignment to me, your Mistress. So you know you are already my slave. It will also includes all my rules, safe-words and other details for our session set by me.

The other half of your tribute is to be offered to me, at the beginning of our session. By having you submissive on your knees in front of your Goddess.

Where do sessions happen?

Needless to say that I live in Lisbon, Portugal. And most of my sessions happen right here. Although I love traveling and am always doing escapes around europe. Want me to travel to your place? Email me stating your intention in the first place.

I also give sessions at Almada / Setúbal, as well as Porto and Algarve. If you wish to have me in your city state your intentions. Travel costs and accommodation are always covered by my slaves.

In Lisbon, these are the major places for my sessions:

Hotel room: at Avenida da Liberdade, near Praça da Alegria. I’ll make the hotel booking.
We meet at Praça da Alegria and walk 1 minute to the hotel. More details about exact location will be given prior to our meeting.
You will pay the hotel room at the check-in (25 euros for 2 hours).
At the same square, you may want to try the Xrooms Motel. Although not as fancy as it looks, and usually there is not enough space to play in the smaller/cheaper rooms.

Dungeon: near Shopping Center Colombo. This place requires bookings 24h prior to the session.
Perfect for the lovers of dark and gloomy ambiance of a medieval dungeon. Underground floor, lit by candle light and with no mobile phone reception.
Dungeon bookings require up front payment that must be included in the first half of the tribute (30 euros/1.30h; 50 euros/2.30h).
Bookings here still need approval for availability from the front desk.

Your place (apartment or hotel room): I love to be served at your place. I provide various activities related to maid service to further humiliate you. My conditions: must be located in the City of Lisbon. At Margem Sul only by taxi or uber ride. Other cities in Portugal will be possible if prearranjed. You should provide all the necessary means of transport (including return) within a previous 48 hours notice to me.

Any questions? Read again.
And send me an email.

M. Isis