How to submit to Me (updated January’21)

First thing you must do is reading my contact rules. You’ll find the basic rules to address me in the first contact and the kinks I’m interested in.
I’m available to discuss other kinks and fetishes with my subs, I’m always open to explore within my own limits.

This first contact of introduction is mandatory.
It is essential to align the activities between us, and to exchange the meeting location and to inform you about your tributes to me.

You should always email me first! At least 48h prior!
I enjoy having a written record of your introduction as well as our discussions.

If I accept you for a first session, you’ll be asked to pay half the tribute to book.

The payment methods I use: Bank Transfer, MBway, N26, Etsy (Discreet Debit, Visa or PayPal), Paysend, Paxum, TransferWise, Wirex e Coinbase. You will receive the details for the payment method you will use.

After confirmation, I’ll send your first kinky homework. The file includes your first and smallest task. So you know you are already my slave. It also includes rules, safe-words and other necessary details.

The other half of your tribute will be offered to me, at the beginning of our session.

Where do sessions take place?

My apartment in Peniche is my first choice. As I go to Lisbon often, I also get to use some kinky places available.

I will also give sessions in Almada / Setúbal, as well as Porto and Algarve. Travel costs are always covered by my slaves.

In Lisbon, these are the major places for my sessions:

Hotel rooms with showers: at Avenida da Liberdade, near Praça da Alegria.
Payed at the check-in (30 euros for 2 hours).
Also close by, is the Xrooms Motel. You can find their prices at their webpage.

Dungeon: near Shopping Center Colombo. Fully equipped with furniture and accessories. The perfect underground floor, lit by candlelight with no one to hear your scream.
Dungeon bookings require up front payment that must be included in the first half of your tribute (30 euros/1.30h; 50 euros/2.30h).

Your place, apartment or hotel room, is also an option I can consider. You must provide all the necessary means for my transportation.

Any questions? Read again.
And email me.

M. Isis