Me, My Kinks & My Rules.

Read more about me, here.

I’m a very independent personality. And so, many skills in my life were self taught.
I’m a Visual Artist, Activist in many critical themes, Occult Goddess (among other activities I enjoy dedicating my time and energy).

The art of Female Domination was no different. From the depths of my personal life I have researched and developed my notable skills. I’m a versatile character, ready to get in new experiences and sensations. I’m always searching for perfection.

The experiences I provide speak for themselves.

My scenes happen in agreement with SSC (Safe, Sane & Consensual) and the RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink).

I accept applications from Male and/or Female Subs who know what they want. Newbies must identify them selves, and write their experience. I do not take responsibility for any physical or psychological damage caused by lack of communication from the subs!

My list of Kinks

Online Domination

Orgasm Control;
Teasing and Denial;
Financial Domination;
Pet Play Training;
Chastity and Key Holding;
Strapon and Butt Plugs;
Nipple play and torture;
Needle play (tattoo needle puncturing);
Knife Play (threatening, no skin cuts – psychological);
Mind / Psychological Games;
Body & Pussy worship;
Face Sitting (dress and naked);
Golden Shower;
Spanking is my pleasure! (from Soft to F* Hard);
CBT, Ball Busting and Squeezing;
Trampling and Crushing Fetish;
Bondage (Cuffs and Rope);
Adult Baby / Diaper Lovers (AB/DL);
The Kidnapping Experience;

~ Only I know what fantasies may go on my mind tomorrow ~


My sessions happen in Outcall.
I also know a few places to rent around Lisbon. Every place is clean, discreet and are equipped with showers.
More info right here.