Me, My Kinks & My Rules.

Read more about me, here.

I’m a very independent personality. And so, many skills in my life were self taught.
I’m a Visual Artist, Activist in many critical themes, Occult Goddess (among other activities I enjoy dedicating my time and energy).

The art of Female Domination was no different. From the depths of my personal life I have researched and developed my notable skills. I’m a versatile character, ready to get in new experiences and sensations. I’m always searching for perfection.

The experiences I provide speak for themselves.

My scenes happen in agreement with SSC (Safe, Sane & Consensual) and the RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink).

I accept applications from Male and/or Female Subs who know what they want. Newbies must identify them selves, and write their experience. I do not take responsibility for any physical or psychological damage caused by lack of communication from the subs!

My list of Kinks

Orgasm Control;
Teasing and Denial;
Financial Domination;
Pet Play Training;
Chastity and Key Holding;
Strapon and Butt Plugs;
Nipple play and torture;
Needle play (tattoo needle puncturing);
Knife Play (threatening, no skin cuts – psychological);
Mind / Psychological Games;
Body & Pussy worship;
Face Sitting (dress and naked);
Golden Shower;
Spanking is my pleasure! (from Soft to F* Hard);
CBT, Ball Busting and Squeezing;
Trampling and Crushing Fetish;
Bondage (Cuffs and Rope);
Adult Baby / Diaper Lovers (AB/DL);
The Kidnapping Experience;

~ Only I know what fantasies may go on my mind tomorrow ~


My sessions happen in Outcall.
I also know a few places to rent around Lisbon. Every place is clean, discreet and are equipped with showers.
More info right here.

Online Domination

I’m also available for online domination. Abide by the same rules.
For more info check my blog.


#1 – The first contact must be by EMAIL!
The sub has to reply to my form on the contact page.
#2 – Scheduling must be confirmed 24h prior to the scene happening.

#3 – Scenes must be confirmed by transfering 50% of the tribute by Bank Transfer, Paypal or Bitcoin. This makes sure I’ll be available for you, as well as guaranteeing the reservation in one of the playrooms.
Any payment method guaranties refund, if the booking needs to be canceled, must be justified. (Also available for legal receipts, for subs who want to support Art legally)
#4 – My time is gold! So it must be respected at all times! Your contact must be respectful and straight forward.

#5 – ALWAYS answer: Yes! Mistress!